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Community involvement is the heart and soul of this project. We are proud of the relationships we have been able to make within our own community. These relationships have allowed us to create an app that advocates for everyone and their needs.

How does BlueJay help police?

BlueJay is an essential de-escalation tool that allows for police to know more about who they are pulling over. 


This tool calls for drivers to be transparent and volunteer any critical, humanizing, life-saving information to their engaging officer.


By knowing more about the driver being pulled over, police officers are able to create a personal, tailored interaction for that individual. 


For officers going above and beyond to create a safe space for individuals, there is an opportunity for BlueJay users to commend their officer. This creates the first ever acknowledgment system implemented into a police department. 


BlueJay Analytics provide detailed insights regarding each officers carside manner and conduct. This allows superior officers to deliver feedback that may not be as easy to identify from a formal complaint. BlueJay pin points exactly where each officer can do better to serve their citizens and provide the best customer service. 

How does BlueJay help new drivers?

BlueJay aims to educate all drivers. 


Via the “Know Your Rights” section within the BlueJay App, drivers will receive push notifications informing users of proper procedure for different situations associated with traffic stops. 


“Know Your Rights” will be a joint effort between BlueJay and local law enforcement to ensure the information provided to BlueJay users is accurate.


As a new driver, being pulled over is a scary thing. We hope that through these notifications and a consistent navigation of this section, new drivers will already be equipped with the knowledge to ensure a smooth, safe interaction between both the driver and officer.


Among the topics are, but not limited to:

"What do I do when being pulled over for the first time?"

"What do I do if I do not have my Driver’s License?"

"Can I call my mom or dad to feel safe?"

How does BlueJay help drivers with language barriers?

Another vital de-escalation feature built into BlueJay is the opportunity to inform police officers of your first language. Being pulled over is an anxiety spiking situation; even more so when english is not your first language.


Alongside newly adopted services, (availability of this service is different per state) police will be able to provide BlueJay drivers on-demand language translation for up to 240 languages including American Sign Language.


For example, if an individual’s BlueJay Driver Profile informs the engaging officer their first language is German, the officer is given the opportunity to provide the driver a translator in the moment. This important piece of information about the driver is discovered before any interaction is held, relieving some of the anxiety of the unknown between both the officer and the driver.

Members of OKC Police Department
Lieutenant Wayland Cubit 
Lieutenant Greg Dixon
Pastor Derrick Scobey
Pastor Larry Foster
Lee Roland


Former Patrol Officer John Spaid

 Councilwoman Nikki Nice - Ward 7

Councilman James Cooper - Ward 2


Ajay Pittman

Former Chief of Police Bill Citty

Other BlueJay advocates in our community:
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