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Our passion for creating meaningful change in our community and for all is the driving force at BlueJay. We work to bring you a better tomorrow and for you to rest easy. 

To learn more about the incredible BlueJay team, have a look below.


Curt Foster

Chief Executive Officer

 As Director of Admission & Financial Aid, Curt managed three staff members, a two million-dollar financial aid budget and set enrollment goals for tuition that covered 80% of the annual budget. Over the past 32 years in private school education/administration, Curt has been employed at Westminster School, Heritage Hall School and Casady School. These experiences allowed him to make connections with many of Oklahoma City’s most influential people.


Chris Foster


Chris brings experience in the fields of Social Media, networking and advertising and branding. These skills were developed over several years of working for The University of Oklahoma's football and basketball programs. This experience gave him access to the Nike and Jordan brand as well as working alongside the digital media team of OU athletics. Since then, Chris has held multiple managerial positions at lululemon athletics and has dedicated years to police reform and has had the pleasure of taking part in many of Oklahoma's social justice events. .


James Foster

Chief Financial Officer

James has spent a 9 year career mastering sales at multiple levels. From setting records in retail environments, to leading Finance Departments to their peak potential in the Automotive Industry as Director, James knows no limitation. He believes his knack for consumer advocacy has played a major role in his success over his career and is very excited to be part of the BlueJay Partners team. As he expands his reach into this new horizon, he’s motivated to find ways to build on the user experience and promote more transparency for people across Bluejay’s platform.

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