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BlueJay©️ is a two-sided platform that changes the way police interact with you. Patent pending, it gives both parties the ability to humanize each other and give useful information prior to an interaction.


We All Come Home.

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When being pulled over, BlueJay users:

• Receive a notification displaying a photo of, the name and badge number of their engaging officer and the reason for being pulled over.
• Receive the "BlueJay Environmental Survey," informing the officer if there is a child in the car and other questions regarding the environment the officer is stepping into.
• Have the chance to automatically notify friends and family they are being pulled over.

Notify me when BlueJay is available is in my area.

Thank you!

At BlueJay Partners, LLC, our advanced technological solutions help create a feeling of safety and calmness. Our newest platform, BlueJay, has a wide range of features that were created to help all communities feel more protected. With your future in mind, we are constantly and aggressively advancing our technology.

©2021 BlueJay, LLC.  All rights reserved.

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Email Capture

- Lt. Greg Dixon OKCPD

- Lt. Greg Dixon OKCPD

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